The Cultural Olympiad: Back Stories

October 19, 2018

Friday at the Centre for Newcomers, there were lots of stories being told about the impact that the 1988 Cultural Olympiad had on various Calgarians, and 2010 had on various Vancouverites, as part of a wide-ranging conversation about the possibilities and pitfalls on the arts community when it comes to hosting an event the size […]

BOWEN comes out in support of the bid

October 18, 2018

BOWEN SAYS YES TO CALGARY AND YES TO CANADA!   BOWEN was founded on my ninth birthday so it is truly a part of me.  One might even argue a best friend.  For the past 34 years we have walked hand in hand to share some of life’s greatest victories and grueling defeats. Our history […]

Culture, Risk and Katarina Witt

By Stephen Hunt Would a 2026 Games bid help or hurt Calgary’s arts community? Councillor Druh Farrell, who’s against the bid, suggests that funding one might come at the expense of the other. “We have so many fundamental organizations that provide incredible quality of life for Calgary and we’re talking about cutting them and at […]

Retooling the Olympic Oval for another 31-year run

By Stephen Hunt What happens to our 1988-era winter Olympic venues if we don’t bid on the 2026 Games? The fact is, we have already built them. They’re here, being used, sometimes every day, by thousands of Calgary residents. In the 30 years since we last hosted a Winter Games, they have shaped our city’s […]

Sixteen Hundred Bucks

October 16, 2018

By Stephen Hunt Wednesday evening at the Danish Canadian Club, a group of around 50 engineers — many of whom have spent their careers interpreting and analyzing numbers — gathered to hear a presentation from Calgary 2026, as it outlined the costs — and anticipated benefits — of hosting the 2026 Games. Much was said […]

Énorme, grisant et audacieux

October 15, 2018

Jeudi dernier à l’Université Mount Royal (MRU), Sport Calgary a animé une séance d’information conçue pour communiquer des faits, des budgets et des visions de ce à quoi pourrait ressembler une candidature pour devenir hôte des Jeux olympiques d’hiver de 2026. Il y a, bien sûr, beaucoup de chiffres (présentés par Mary Moran à chacune […]

Elephant-proofing the Games

October 12, 2018

by Stephen Hunt For a proposed Winter Games bid, Calgary 2026 sure spends a lot of time talking about elephants. At Jack Singer Hall 10 days ago, the elephant in the room was the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which has acquired evil villain status (in many people’s eyes) worthy of a Marvel movie, remarkable for […]

Leaning Out, Security Skeptics, and talking about the elephant in the room

July 28, 2018

    They’re more than just Games. Thursday, Calgary 2026 hosted a pair of town hall meetings in the lobby of Jack Singer Hall, in Arts Commons, the first opportunity the public had to be debriefed on the city’s potential bid to host the 2026 Olympics and Paralympics. The lunch time town hall was well-attended […]


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