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Volunteers are the lifeblood behind any Games, bringing enthusiasm, kindness, experience and a whole lot of heart. Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2026 will provide a chance for 24,000 sports’ enthusiasts from Calgary and beyond to show their Olympic spirit – 18,000 to run the Olympic Games and 6,000 to run the Paralympic Games.

The volunteer arm of the Games will be professionally managed to ensure competency and commitment. It is a process that begins well before the Games kick off, but with the memories from the experience lasting a lifetime. Volunteers will meet athletes, coaches and spectators from around the world and have a unique opportunity to part of the global community that is working to promote equity, fairness, friendship and cultural exchange through sport.

Nearly every aspect of running the Games will provide an occasion for volunteer engagement, including:

  • Competitions (support as required)
  • First Responders/ Healthcare (first aid, anti-doping, medical emergencies, etc.)
  • Transportation (driving contingencies to-and-from venues, etc.)
  • Way finders/Guidance (providing directions, etc.)
  • Technology (displaying results, communication distribution/collection at events, etc.)
  • Medal Ceremony (medal/flower presentations, AV, etc.)
  • Hosting Events (coat check, catering, etc.)
  • Media Support (support international media delegations, help at press conferences, etc.)
  • Operations (accreditation, logistics, workforce support, etc.)
  • Personal (welcome arriving guests at airport, assistance as required, etc.)

What’s needed is you.

Check here often and regularly and if you decide to vote to bid for the Games on November 13….we will need your help immediately thereafter to help us welcome the world.

Get Informed – Vote Nov 13


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